The Best 12 Healthy Halloween Treats You Can Make Last Minute

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Halloween will be here before you know it and every aisle of the grocery store will be stacked with sugary junk. Resist! For the sake of everyone’s health and well being please don’t buy them. Making these easy and healthy Halloween treats with your kids or friends is fun and so much more rewarding than supporting bad health and big candy companies. Move over Willy Wonka!

All of these ideas can be done last minute, or ahead of time if you want to spend a little more time on them. They are all pre-packaged which is preferred in schools and for trick or treaters due to safety concerns. Also, most are allergen free so you can accommodate everyone.

Frankenstein Apples

Green apples (preferably organic – apples are on the EWG’s Dirty Dozen), Cellophane bags, ribbon and a black marker are all that you need for these clever healthy Halloween treats. Check out the tutorial by Non Toy Gifts here.

Cheese Stick Ghost

I’m not sure that it gets any easier than this. A Thrifty Mom is my kind of Mom! You only need cheese sticks (preferably organic – to avoid those pesky antibiotics, growth hormones, etc.), a black marker, and your imagination. Now just draw some ghostly faces on those cheese sticks and you are done!

Mummy Juicebox

Kids are going to get thirsty munching on all of those healthy Halloween treats, so these juice boxes (preferably organic and with no added sugars) will be a very welcome surprise. You’ll need copy paper, toilet paper, glue gun, and googly eyes to complete this treat. Most all of which you will have on hand. If you don’t have the googly eyes, you could always attempt drawing the eyes on the toilet paper. Let’s just hope that those little hooligans don’t use the toilet paper to “decorate” your house after they’re done with the juice box. 🙂

Clementine Jack-O-Lanterns

I have done this one every year for the last 5 years for trick or treaters or for one of my 3 kids Halloween parties. I tend to be a bit of a procrastinator and these can be done in a couple of hours tops! Clementine oranges and a black marker complete these healthy Halloween treats. Bonus: The little kids always like to help me with the jack-o-lantern faces, so it keeps them busy for a little bit anyway. Thank you, We Heart Parties for helping me out of a Halloween snack jam!

Banana and Apple Mummies

Mummies seem to be a common easy Halloween decoration. This treat one only calls for 3 things. Bananas or Apples (preferably organic), gauze and googly eyes. So break out the first aid kit for the gauze (just make sure to replace it) or use white crepe paper, buy a couple of bunches of bananas or apples and glue on those googly eyes. Check out the tutorial if you need further instruction.

Pumpkin Fruit Cup

Eating Richly had this very clever idea of turning the fruit cups upside down so that they resemble a pumpkin. This one can be done a couple of different ways. If you have some green pipe cleaners on hand you can use them for a pumpkin stem on the bottom of the fruit cup (preferably organic). Just curl it and attach it with a glue gun or you can use tape so that they are easier for kids to take off. If not, you can just draw jack-o-lantern faces on the Fruit Cup with a black marker.

Applesauce Monsters

These applesauce monsters are a bit more hands-on but you can find most of the items needed in your arts and crafts supply. Some construction paper, googly eyes, and a glue gun. You can find download the Dracula and Frankenstein templates and instructions here. Kids will love these healthy Halloween treats!

Mummy Applesauce Squeezers

Another cute mummy idea! This time it’s done with white crepe paper instead of gauze. Apply the crepe paper, glue it down with a hot glue gun and then apply the googly eyes on these applesauce squeezers (preferably organic). Check out the tutorial here.


Individually wrapped popcorn like this one is a great option for Halloween parties and trick or treaters alike. It’s easy and kids love it! There are several different festive Halloween popcorn snacks to make on Pinterest (here’s a link to my favorite last-minute Halloween popcorn treat). However, all of them involve you re-packaging the popcorn into your own sacks. Most schools and trick or treaters won’t accept these because of safety concerns. Make sure to look for non-GMO, minimal ingredients and no added sugars in your popcorn.


Raisins Healthy Halloween Treats
Credit: Jenn Durfey

Individually pre-packaged raisins are a great, affordable and easy snack to give to all kids. They are allergen free and tasty! Plus you could decorate the raisin box like a mummy, or add some other spooky decorations to make it more festive. Grapes are on the EWG’s dirty dozen list, so it is best to buy organic raisins to avoid some of the pesticide residues.

That’s It Fruit Bars

That’s It bars make great healthy Halloween treats. They are made of only fruit and are allergen free and non-GMO. Unfortunately they aren’t organic but hopefully, they are working on it. *Note that these are nut free, but are made in a facility that processes milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, and soy.

Heavenly Organics Double Dark Chocolate Honey Patties

If you have to give them something sweet, this Double Dark chocolate honey pattie from Heavenly Organics is what I buy. It is so good that my 5-year-old traded all of his bad candy he collected last year for this one treat. The greatest thing is that it is 2 ingredients. Organic cocoa and organic raw white honey. Simply amazing.

Hopefully, you will find something on this list of healthy Halloween treats that will work for you. It definitely made me hungry looking at all of these tasty food pictures! Have a safe and junk free Halloween my friends!

The Best 12 Healthy Halloween Treats You Can Make Last Minute

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