Blender Hacks: 8 Simple Ways to Have Yummy Smoothies With Less Mess

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Do you love your daily smoothie as much as I do? I literally crave it! But I used to avoid making smoothies because of the prep work and clean up. That is until I learned these amazing blender hacks on how to make yummy smoothies and have less mess to clean up!

bunch of bananas with banana slices

Blender Hacks for Better Blending

Freeze Your Old Fruit

Do you have any overripe bananas or other fruits? Don’t throw them away. Simply chop or break them off into pieces and freeze them. Most fruits are a perfect addition to almost any smoothie. Funny story, not long ago I was ordering groceries online late at night (it was at least 9 pm:-)) and I accidentally ordered 7 bunches of bananas. So needless to say I had a plethora of frozen bananas!

Use Pre-Frozen Fruit

frozen berries

Most of the time I love to use fresh organic berries and fruit in my smoothie. However, every now again they are either out of them or the frozen ones are cheaper. So I tend to keep my freezer stocked with frozen organic berries and fruit. After all half the battle of making a delicious smoothie is having the right ingredients on hand.

Add Liquid First

You should always blend your smoothies in this order. Pour in liquids first, fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, finally ice. Basically softest to hardest. This keeps the blade nice and coated so that it can cut through any of the harder stuff better.

Blender Hacks for Easier Cleanup

Blender hacks for easier cleanup: blend directly in a Mason jar

Self-Cleaning Blender

One of my biggest frustrations with having smoothies used to be the cleanup. Oh, the scrubbing and trying to avoid cutting yourself while trying to clean the blade. No thanks! Now I rinse the pitcher with hot water right after using it and then I add a squeeze of dishwashing detergent and fill the pitcher 3/4 full with hot water and then turn the blender back on for 30 seconds. Dry it and Voila! It’s clean without any scrubbing.

Use Mason Jars

Have you checked to see if your blender blade is detachable and fits on a mason jar? Unfortunately, mine does not, but several blender models do. If it does fit, this is great news! You can make single servings and clean up is a breeze.

Oster blenders like this one are affordable and you can attach these mason jars for blending.

Start Slow

You should always start with a slower setting on your blender and then work your way up. This is like a warm-up for your blender. It helps to keep the blades and motor in top shape.

Use a Silicon Mat

Silicon mats help muffle the sound blender hacks

Do you find yourself not making smoothies because you don’t want to wake everyone else in the house up? If so, it might be worth it to invest in a silicone mat to place under your blender. The silicone mat can help to absorb some of the noise.

Blender Hack Cheat Code

Ready Made Smoothies

I don’t know about you but I don’t always pre-make food for the week but when I do things go so much smoother! I like to pre-make salads in mason jars and I wondered about smoothies. So I did some searching and it can be done. It is especially easy if you have one of the blenders mentioned above that a mason jar will attach to the blade.

Check out this recipe.

Smoothies are a great way to get lots of key antioxidants and nutrients in your diet. So I hope that you found these blender hacks to be useful on your journey to better health.

Blender Hacks: 8 Simple Ways to Have Yummy Smoothies With Less Mess

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